Christopher Hiller

Christopher Hiller

Software Engineer, Author, Purist



Author, Developing an AngularJS Edge. Bleeding Edge Press, 2013.

Co-Author, Choosing a JavaScript Framework. Bleeding Edge Press, 2014.

Selected Articles

From a series I did at the Safari Books Online blog about large AngularJS apps:

Deconstructing a Sprawling Gruntfile.js


These are projects I own or contribute to.


angular-debaser - A testing tool for AngularJS applications.

angular-history - A powerful undo/redo service for AngularJS.

angular-tags - Native AngularJS "tagging" widget.

angular-tipped - AngularJS bindings for Tipped tooltip library.

sinon-ng - AngularJS integration plugin for Sinon.JS, a spy/stub/mock library.

angular-types - AngularJS extension for type checking.

angular-autoselect - AngularJS directive(s) to automatically select text within inputs.

Node.js Modules

mocha - A JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and the browser.

node-fogbugz - Node.js module to interact with the FogBugz API.

node-brickset - Module to interact with the Brickset API.

node-require-subvert - Unit test helper to stub stubborn modules.

node-open-readme - Module to open the of any npm module from the command line.

karma-ng-server-side-template2js-preprocessor - This mouthful helps Karma execute tests against AngularJS and HTML-ish server side templates.

libumd - Wraps JS source with a UMD template.

grunt-libumd - Grunt task for above.

Not AngularJS-Related or Node.js Modules

alfred-npm-readme - Alfred 2 workflow for opening the of any module in npm.

jquery.preempt - jQuery plugin to take legacy inline onclick or href="javascript:..." attributes and bind events around it.

About Me

I like:

  1. Writing code
  2. Writing code late at night
  3. LEGO
  4. Staying up late writing code
  5. Iced tea, fish
  6. Fidgeting
  7. Meatballs

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My Toolbox

IDE - PyCharm
Task Runner - Grunt
Test Framework - Mocha
Test Runner - Karma
Terminal - iTerm 2
Launcher - Alfred
Window Manager - Amethyst
Team Communication - Slack
Personal Task Management - OmniFocus
IRC - Textual
Documentation Browser - Dash
Version Control - SourceTree
Email - Airmail
File Browser - Path Finder
Markdown Reader - Marked 2
Virtual Machines - Vagrant
Distraction - Hearthstone



I'm boneskull on, usually in #angularjs and #node.js.


The "Dogwood City of the West": Milwaukie, Oregon


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