boneskull dot com

On Building boneskull dot com

About a week ago I took it upon myself to create this site. Previously, I had a simple (yet exhausting?) “about” page hosted at this URL. That page is now accessible here.

I’ve been working on cool stuff stuff and solving some interesting problems. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if I had a site on which I could share what I’ve learned?

One thing I’ve learned very recently is that it takes significantly longer to make a simple static site than I had expected. I’m using Jekyll and hosting on GitHub Pages. I fought a two-front war here; while I did spend a considerable amount of time battling Liquid, a much more costly fight was the one against Google’s Material Design Lite.

MDL seems to work OK, but the real problem is its documentation. It’s incomplete, outdated, or just plain wrong in places. It’s often unclear just how to do simple things. Not one to be satisfied with a cookie-cutter site (like every single thing ever made using TWBS), I used custom colors, fonts, text sizes, spacing, etc. MDL has a bright future, and I think it is a Bootstrap killer. But it has some too-strong opinions. As adoption grows, those opinions will only worsen the homogenization of web design.

Speaking of web design, I’ve been fiddling with web sites since I first glimpsed NCSA Mosaic, but I don’t consider myself to have “web design” skills. I only know what looks hideous–not necessarily what looks good. I get excited about an idea (like Computer Modern) and just roll with it, even though it might not be hip (or even particularly readable).

But, the result is unique. And I think it looks pretty sweet. So, here it is. The new “boneskull dot com”. I have some work left to do, but this looks OK to deploy.