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Christopher Hiller
Software Engineer, Author, Purist



Selected Articles

From a series I did at the Safari Books Online blog about large AngularJS apps:

  1. Modularizing
  2. Testing
  3. Refactoring

About Me

I like:

  1. Writing code
  2. Writing code late at night
  3. LEGO
  4. Staying up late writing code
  5. Iced tea, fish
  6. Fidgeting
  7. Meatballs
  8. Open-source hardware

More About Me

This section includes more information about myself!

These are “hyperlinks” to other “web pages”.

My Toolbox

It’s not really a toolbox. It’s more like a bunch of software I have installed on my computer.

Social Media

Most of these involve LEGOs.

I’m boneskull on, usually in #angularjs and #node.js.


I stay at home a lot. I reside in the “Dogwood City of the West”, Milwaukie, Oregon.


I stay at home to work, too.

FocusVision Worldwide


boneskull at boneskull dot com